Know the impact of teeth and how to overcome them

Impaction of teeth or hidden teeth is a condition of teeth trapped in the gums. Generally, tooth impaction occurs in adult wisdom teeth. Impaction of teeth makes a person more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Normally, adults have 32 teeth including 4 wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth or third molars usually grow when a person is aged between 17 years and early 20s. In many people, wisdom teeth cannot grow normally, either because they are trapped under the gums or only part of the tooth surface is able to penetrate the gums. This condition is called tooth impaction. Dental impaction is quite common and is often not accompanied by pain. But many also feel pain if wisdom teeth grow sideways or do not emerge from the gum surface. Causes of Dental Impaction Dental impaction can occur due to the following reasons: The jaw is too small so that there is not enough room for the teeth to grow. Teeth become crooked or tilted when trying to grow. Teeth have grown in an irregular pos
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